1/ How often is the magazine published?
The Clare Focus Magazine is published quarterly.

2/ What is the circulation of the magazines?
The Clare Focus has a circulation of 4,000 copies.

3/ How are the magazines delivered?
The magazine is delivered door to door with additional copies left at clubs, shops, pubs and offices for direct collection. There is also a growing postal service.

4/ How do I advertise?
It is very easy. Just send us your idea and we will prepare it for printing free of charge. You can send information to us electronically by Email or by post or you can leave information at our Clare agents ‘Paul’s Computers’ in the Market Square.
Prices are shown on this website under the advertising section.

5/ How do I pay for advertising?
If you send your contact details to us with your advert: Postal address and Email we will send you an Invoice when the magazine is ready for publication. You can also send a cheque with order to ‘Focus Publications’.

6/ Do you accept articles and editorials?
Yes we are happy to accept contributions from advertisers and readers. There is no charge for publishing  contributions that are community based.

7/ Do  you offer any free advertising?
Charitable organisations and children’s organisations are usually advertised free. This service Is at the discretion of the editor.

8/ Do you include promote What’s On events and clubs and societies?
Yes and in most cases we advertise these free of charge. Just send us the details. We will also include the details on our regularly updated website.

9/ What will be on the website?
The website displays an electronic version of the magazine with page turning features. All adverts are electronically linked to customers website where appropriate. The website also has links to the focus_connect service and a facility to download past issues.
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